Carbon Engineering creates clean fuel out of air.

At Carbon Engineering, we’re commercializing two clean energy technologies that can rapidly accelerate our shift to a net-zero world: our Direct Air Capture technology can deliver large-scale negative emissions by removing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere; and our AIR TO FUELS™ technology can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transportation by creating clean synthetic fuels – made from air, water and renewable power.

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Direct Air Capture

CE has proudly developed an industrially scalable Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, which can remove CO₂ directly from the atmosphere at an affordable price point.

Our technology does this in a closed loop where the only major inputs are water and energy, and the output is a stream of pure, compressed CO₂. This CO₂ can be stored underground to compensate for emissions too costly or challenging to eliminate at source, or can be converted into fuels using our AIR TO FUELS™ technology.

Individual DAC facilities can be built to capture one million tons of CO₂ per year each, which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 250,000 average cars.

About Direct Air Capture

Learn how Direct Air Capture works, how it can be used, and why it’s so important.


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Carbon Engineering’s AIR TO FUELS™ technology uses CO₂ that has been captured directly from air to synthesize clean transportation fuels.

This process uses renewable electricity to generate hydrogen from water, and then combines it with CO₂ captured from the atmosphere to produce hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel, gasoline, and Jet-A. It gives us a way to produce global scale quantities of clean fuels that are compatible with today’s transportation infrastructure and engines, but add little or no fossil carbon emissions to the atmosphere.


Learn how AIR TO FUELS™ technology works and the benefits of CE’s fuel.

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Carbon Neutral Fuels

are needed to power 21st century transportation.

The world is transitioning to clean economies and clean fuels. AIR TO FUELS™ technology allows us to produce global-scale quantities of drop-in ready fuels like gasoline, diesel, and Jet-A without the use of crude oil. These fuels are cleaner burning than fossil fuels, can be carbon neutral on a life-cycle basis, can be produced with 100x less land use than biofuels, and are directly compatible with existing infrastructure.

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About the CE Team

CE has the largest and most experienced technical and commercial teams in the air capture field.

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