Carbon Dioxide Removal

Climate science is clear – to limit global warming to 1.5° C and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must reduce emissions ‘at source’ with a rapid and far-reaching energy transition, and we must also use large-scale carbon dioxide removal to pull CO2 back out of the atmosphere. We’ll need a whole suite of solutions that deliver both deep emissions reductions and verifiable carbon removal. Technologies like Direct Air Capture – that pull large quantities of CO2 directly out of the air – can play a critical role.
All pathways that limit global warming to 1.5 °C… project the use of carbon dioxide removal on the order of 100-1000 gigatons over the 21st century.”
Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change, 2018
Developing a plan for net zero? Permanent carbon removal can help.

To align with Paris climate commitments, companies and governments around the globe are working to create net zero plans and start rapidly decarbonizing. The good news is that achieving net zero is possible and affordable with the tools available today. By combining a thorough emissions reductions strategy with permanent carbon removal, your organization can deliver a sustainability portfolio that meets or exceeds net zero targets.

Most carbon offsets offer credits for claiming to avoid a new emission elsewhere. Carbon removal through Direct Air Capture and geologic storage delivers the physical removal of CO2 from the air. This allows any CO2 emission to be addressed at whatever scale the world needs. When combined with the reduction of your emissions, it can be used to address your organization’s most difficult sources of emissions, making net zero achievable. It also offers a mechanism to address emissions from the past – providing a tool to achieve not just net zero, but also eventually climate restoration.

If your organization is working towards reduced, net zero, or net negative emissions, high-quality, permanent carbon removal with Direct Air Capture is a tool that can be included in your sustainability strategy – today. Options to pre-purchase permanent carbon removal are available through Carbon Engineering’s global network of plant development partners. The plant development partner will oversee the carbon removal on your organization’s behalf and provide verification to support your sustainability reporting and help bring you closer to your climate goals.

Benefits of permanent carbon removal with Direct Air Capture

High capacity and lower cost

Our DAC platform is optimized for large scale. This reduces costs to allow your sustainability plans to have a greater impact and provides capacity to address carbon footprints of any size.


Our plant developers will remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere permanently, adhering to stringent permanence criteria by recognized voluntary, government or ISO standards.


Customers will receive full transparency into the universally agreed upon standard the carbon removal was performed at, including third party verification. This supports your organization to unambiguously verify the environmental benefit.

Accessible and scalable

With flexible purchase amounts, permanent carbon removal is easy to add to your net zero plan, with the opportunity to scale to larger quantities when needed.

Address any CO2 emission

Direct Air Capture and geologic storage provides a tool to remove the equivalent quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere for any emission source in the world.

Be part of the solution

As a founding customer, you will have an important impact on the development of the carbon removal industry. Join other climate leaders in helping to kickstart this important new climate solution.
Founding Customers and Supporters

Founding customers of permanent carbon removal through Direct Air Capture are playing a critical role in kickstarting the industry by generating market demand, driving down prices, and helping to show the world what this technology can do. Learn about these climate leaders by clicking their logos, and if your organization wants to join, please get in touch with one of our partners, listed below.

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Purchase permanent carbon removal credits from our partners

Carbon Engineering’s global network of development partners can facilitate the purchase of carbon removal credits to support your sustainability plan. Get in touch today.

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