Carbon Engineering is an independent, privately-funded clean energy company that is creating opportunities for investment, partnership, and employment.


Carbon Engineering is not publicly listed. We welcome enquiries from strategic and institutional investors at

Partners and customers

CE is actively seeking global strategic partners including:

Commercial plant developers to build and operate DAC and AIR TO FUELS™ plants

Renewable energy providers interested in power purchase agreements for plants

Industrial operators interested in supply agreements for atmospheric CO2 for permanent  geologic storage and/or enhanced oil recovery

Customers interested in renewable fuel supply agreements

Contact us at and please ensure you provide your name, organization, areas of interest, experience in your field of interest, and contact details.


Carbon Engineering welcomes requests from media organizations. Please get in touch to request image and video assets, information, story ideas and interviews.

Contact us at

  • Carbon Engineering Flex Joint

General inquiries

Questions and general correspondences can be directed to If you are interested in learning about career opportunities at CE, please visit our careers page.

Please note that while we appreciate all inquiries and interest, due to the high volume of messages we receive, we cannot reply to all.