Our First Customers

“In most ways, the climate crisis plays out as a tragedy of the commons, where parties undermine a common good by acting in their narrow self-interests. But… making the independent decision to be an early adopter—regardless of what other parties do—enables a company to create significant benefits for itself and the world.”
- Jean-Manuel Izaret, François Candelon, and Christian Haakonsen, We Need True Net Zero, and it Needs Early Adopters, BCG

As we work to make our solutions widely available, Carbon Engineering is collaborating with climate-savvy businesses that have identified Direct Air Capture as an essential tool in their sustainability toolkits. These early adopters—some of the most recognizable brands in the world—are taking a climate leadership position by shifting from aspiration to action. As our first customers, these businesses will be a critical force in kickstarting the Direct Air Capture industry by generating market demand, driving down future prices, and helping us show the world what our technology can do.

Learn about these relationships below, and if your organization is interested in pioneering Direct Air Capture with us, please contact us.

As part of its leading Sustainability Fund which aims to invest in the most promising climate solutions and technologies, Shopify has made a planned commitment for carbon dioxide to be permanently removed from the atmosphere on its behalf using our Direct Air Capture solution. Learn more about Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, and its investment in our solution here.

“The world needs ambitious entrepreneurs like those at Carbon Engineering to continue pushing the carbon removal frontier, and chart the course for those who will follow in what is shaping up to be humanity’s most important industry yet.” – Stacy Kauk, Director of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund

In a world-first for a loyalty programme, Virgin Red is offering its members a chance to become carbon removal leaders. Virgin Red members, through Virgin Points, can support the advancement of our Direct Air Capture technology, and in the future our joint intention is to enable members to spend points to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Learn more here.

“We know people wrestle with doing the things they love with the impact it has on the environment – which is why we’re delighted to be partnering with Carbon Engineering to give our members the opportunity to use their points for good.” – Kelly Best, Virgin Red’s Chief Marketing Officer

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