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Carbon Capture from the Atmosphere

September 27, 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm BST

Carbon Capture is a method of removing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to reduce the global warming/ green-house effect.

Carbon Engineering (CE) is deploying Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology at megatonne scale. The regenerative process uses standard industrial equipment assembled on site meaning plants can be rapidly deployed and a full local supply chain is developed.  In the US the world’s largest DACS facility is due online in 2024. In the UK, CE and Storegga plan to deploy a commercial DACS facility in North East Scotland. Construction could begin in 2024.  One plant does the work of around 40 million trees but with significantly less water and land use.

Speakers: Dr Amy Ruddock and Gus Badran

Dr Amy Ruddock

Amy heads CE’s business in Europe. Prior to joining CE, Amy was VP Corporate Development and Sustainability at Virgin Atlantic where she was accountable for setting and delivering carbon strategy, corporate strategy and government affairs. Amy previously spent 10 years at BCG in the Aviation Practice Area, leading projects on topics ranging from strategy to transformation; operations to commercial, working across Europe and the USA.

Gus Badran

Investment manager (with 15 years’ combined experience in operations, product and business development within corporations) focusing on Cleantech, Industrial, Meditech and Technology companies who are seeking to raise venture and growth capital.

Chairman and founder of the Innovation Investing Special Interest Group (IISIG) within the Chartered Finance Analyst (CFA) UK Society.

Graduated from Imperial College London in Material Science & Engineering and also received a post graduate diploma in Manufacturing: Management & Technology and Control Systems from the Open University and the University of Sheffield respectively.

IISIG shares ideas and practices on the following:

  • How to identify disruptive innovation for a particular market or society.
  • How to invest and valuate start-ups and early stage companies.
  • How companies operate and managed.
  • Business case studies.

Please share this event to whom you think would be interested and it is free for all.

Looking forward to see you all.

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