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The Globe and Mail: “Can this B.C. company be part of the climate change solution? Bill Gates and others are betting yes – September  26, 2019
Quartz: “Carbon Engineering is doubling its CO2-capturing machine even before it’s built” – September  21, 2019
Quartz: “A tiny tweak in California law is creating a strange thing: carbon-negative oil” – July 1, 2019
Forbes: “Capitalism Vs. Climate Change: The Strategic Investor’s Perspective” – June 20, 2019
Forbes: “Capitalism vs Climate Change: The Venture Capitalists’ Perspective” – June 18, 2019
MIT Technology Review: “Why the world’s biggest CO2-sucking plant would be used to … err, dig up more oil?” – May 27, 2019
Reuters: “Proposed U.S. plant to pull CO2 from thin air, use it to pump oil” – May 21, 2019
The New York Times: Start-Ups Hoping to Fight Climate Change Struggle as Other Tech Firms Cash In” – May 7, 2019
Forbes: A Historic Inflection Point In Capitalism’s Battle Against Climate Change” – April 26, 2019
The New York Times: Blamed for Climate Change, Oil Companies Invest in Carbon Removal” – April 7, 2019
Financial Post: Billionaires back Canadian company to build first ‘negative emissions’ plant” – March 21, 2019
Axios: “Record investment pours into carbon-tech company” – March 21, 2019
Reuters: “BHP buys stake in Canadian firm that extracts emissions from the air” – March 5, 2019
 ForbesCapitalism Versus Climate Change: The Case Of Carbon Engineering” – January 11, 2019
 Financial TimesChevron and Occidental invest in carbon removal start-up” – January 9, 2019
 NPRHow One Company Pulls Carbon From The Air, Aiming To Avert A Climate Catastrophe” – December 10, 2018
 The EconomistAviation: Synthetic fuels could help low-carbon aviation take off” – December 1, 2018
 The EconomistDecarbonised capitalism: From hot air to action” – November 29, 2018
 Fast CompanyCO2-sucking factories could anchor a new, clean economy” – October 24, 2018
 FORTUNEThis Technology Offers Some Hope for Net-Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions” – October 8, 2018
 CleanTechnicaCarbon Engineering Claims Direct Air Capture Of Carbon Costs Less Than $100 Per Ton” – October 5, 2018
 Maclean’sCan cars go carbon neutral?” – September 20, 2018
 VICE News (video)How CO2 Could Be The Future of Fuel” – September 13, 2018
 The Daily BeastWhat if We Captured Carbon From the Air and Made Energy?” – July 2, 2018
 VoxSucking carbon out of the air won’t solve climate change” – June 14, 2018
 The New York Times: Sucking CO2 from the air could be a better bargain” – June 13, 2018
 BNN Bloomberg (video): New technology dramatically lowering cost of sucking carbon from air – June 8, 2018
 The Harvard Gazette: Team plans industrial-scale carbon removal plant – June 7, 2018
 Boston Globe: Researchers say they can capture carbon dioxide from the air — and recycle it back into fuel – June 7, 2018
 Ars Technica: Machines that suck CO2 from the air might be cheaper than we thought – June 7, 2018
 Nature: Sucking carbon dioxide from air is cheaper than scientists thought – June 7, 2018
 BBC: Key ‘step forward’ in cutting cost of removing CO2 from air – June 7, 2018
 Financial Post: Looking to the sky: B.C. company says it is sucking carbon from air, making fuel – June 7, 2018
 The Atlantic: Climate Change Can Be Stopped by Turning Air Into Gasoline – June 7, 2018
 National Geographic: This Gasoline Is Made of Carbon Sucked From the Air – June 7, 2018
 Bloomberg: Carbon Capture, the vacuum cleaner the climate needs – May 17, 2018
 Bloomberg: Pioneers of Carbon Dioxide Removal See Boon for Renewables – April 24, 2018
 The Guardian: How Bill Gates aims to clean up the planet – February 04, 2018
 Wired: The Dirty Secret of the World’s Plan to Avert Climate Disaster – December 10, 2017
 The New Yorker: Can Carbon-Dioxide Removal Save the World? – November 20, 2017
 Economist: Greenhouse gases must be scrubbed from the air – November 16, 2017
 Forbes: Extracting Fuel From Thin Air – February 16, 2016
 The Globe and Mail: Could this plant hold the key to generating fuel from CO2 emissions? – January 1, 2016
 CBC News: Calgary company ready to capture carbon in Squamish ‘pilot plant’ – October 13, 2015
 MIT Technology Review: Test Facility Begins Capturing Carbon From Air – October 9, 2015
 The Motley Fool: 1 Climate Change Technology Company That Could Lead to a Green Future, and It’s Not Solar – August 8, 2015
 Yahoo! News: How global warming might be turned into fuel for your car – July 24, 2015
 The Guardian: Startups have figured out how to remove carbon from air. Will anyone pay them to do it? – July 14, 2015
 The New York Times: Pulling Carbon Dioxide Out of Thin Air – Jan 05, 2013
 Yale Environment 360: Rethinking Carbon Dioxide: From a Pollutant to an Asset – Feb 23, 2012
 FORTUNE: The business of cooling the planet – Oct 07, 2011
 The Harvard Crimson: Harvard Professor Designing Air Capture Plant – Sept 25, 2011
 NPR: This Machine Can Suck Carbon Out Of The Air – Sept 19, 2011
 Economist: Lift Off – Nov 4, 2010
 Nature News: Sucking carbon out of the air – Dec 17, 2008
 A Process for Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere
(Paper by David W. Keith, Geoffrey Holmes, David St. Angelo, and Kenton Heidel, Joule Journal, 2018)
 Carbon Engineering
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 CE Outdoor Contactor Pilot: 2011 Results Summary
(Posted Dec 2011)
CE’s Comments on the APS Direct Air Capture Report
(Updated June 2011)
 CE’s Comments on the APS Direct Air Capture Report
 APS Report: Direct Air Capture of CO2 with Chemicals – Final, Original Version, Released May 09 2011
 APS Report: Direct Air Capture of CO2 with Chemicals – Final, Revised/Re-formatted Version, Posted June 01 2011
 Why Capture CO2 From the Atmosphere?
(Paper by David Keith in Science, 325: 1654-1655)
 Capturing CO2 from the atmosphere: rationale and process design considerations
(Book chapter by David Keith, Kenton Heidel, and Robert Cherry in Geo-Engineering Climate Change: Environmental necessity or Pandora’s box? B. Launder and M. Thompson, editors. Cambridge University Press, p. 107-126)
 Additional research papers on David Keith’s Website.

CE owned patents and pending patent applications:

Application/patent numberTitleRelated products and services
9,095,813Carbon dioxide capture method and facilityAir contactor system
14/815,661Continuation of patent – Carbon dioxide capture method and facilityAir contactor componentry
8,119,091Carbon dioxide captureAir contactor system with alternate chemistry
8,728,428Recovering a caustic solution via calcium carbonate crystal aggregatesDirect Air Capture system
9,975,100Continuation of patent – Recovering a caustic solution via calcium carbonate crystal aggregatesDirect Air Capture system componentry
8,871,008Target gas captureAlternate Direct Air Capture system
9,637,393Recovering a caustic solution via calcium carbonate crystal aggregatesPellet Reactor and Slaker systems
15/622,883Capturing carbon dioxideModified air contactor componentry including additional drift, nozzle and basin technology
15/591,324High temperature hydratorSlaking componentry
CA2017051581Method and system for synthesizing fuel from dilute carbon dioxide sourceAIR TO FUELSTM technology

Patents to which CE has full license rights in our field:

Application/patent numberTitleRelated products and services
8,574,354Reducing the carbon emissions intensity of a fuelLow carbon intensity EOR system with CE’s air contactor technology
9,159,105Continuation of patent – Reducing the carbon emissions intensity of a fuel Low carbon intensity EOR system with industrially sourced CO2
15/022,163Reducing the carbon emissions intensity of a fuel Low carbon intensity EOR system with CO2 supplied by a biomass source with carbon fixed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis

“Imagine driving up to your local gas station and being able to choose between regular, premium, or carbon-free gasoline.”

“…it’s going to require an enormous effort for the world to kick its carbon habit, and this could put another option at our disposal.”

“Any country, any region, can have its own fuel. They’d be no longer dependent on the geopolitical situation if Country X has oil and Country Y does not.”