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March 8, 2021

Carbon Removal Insight Report: Policy, Investment and Private Sector Perspectives

Carbon Removal Insight Report: Policy, Investment and Private Sector Perspectives

Despite the tremendous challenges the global community faced in 2020, there has been an unexpected bright spot in the remarkable groundswell of attention towards climate change. Awareness of the urgency for climate action is more widespread than ever, and we are seeing more and more major corporations and governments committing to achieve net zero or net negative emissions. Private citizens are demanding emissions reductions and environmental improvement, and public opinion is driving governments and companies to act now. As a result, we’re starting to see real markets put in place to help pay for the solutions we need to make net zero a reality.

The field of carbon dioxide removal is one area that progressed rapidly in 2020. Advances in policy, technology, and commercial projects, coupled with a growing recognition of the need for carbon removal solutions to reach net zero, is spurring the emergence of a global carbon removal industry.

At Carbon Engineering, we strongly believe that encouraging dialogue and sharing of opinions is an important element in any rapidly innovating space. In this spirit, we have produced a Carbon Removal Insight Report, bringing together five contributors for a Q&A on this new field, with a focus on North America. Each of the contributors brings with them valuable viewpoints and a unique perspective from the important work they do.

In putting together this report, we thoroughly enjoyed the thoughtful answers from each contributor, and and we hope you do too.

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