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March 12, 2012

Carbon Engineering at Direct Air Capture Summit

Carbon Engineering at Direct Air Capture Summit

From Mar 07-08, the University of Calgary’s Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment, and Economy hosted the first ever “Direct Air Capture Summit” (DACS). Carbon Engineering co-sponsored this event, and helped to organize it. DACS was conceived with a mission of gathering leading thinkers and stakeholders from within and around the air capture field for two days of technical, business, and environmental discussions.

We were excited to have numerous distinguished attendees at DACS, including:

  • Rob Socolow, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Peter Eisenberger, Global Thermostat, New York, NY
  • Christopher Jones, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
  • Michael Desmond, BP, Chicago, IL
  • Sasha Mackler, Summit Power Group, Seattle, WA
  • Anthony Galasso, Boeing Phantom Works, Seal Beach, CA
  • David Hawkins, Natural Resources Defense Council, Washington, DC
  • David Keith, Carbon Engineering and Harvard University, Calgary, AB
  • Oliver Morton, The Economist, London, UK
  • Tim Fox, UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, UK
  • Steven Hamburg, Environmental Defense Fund, Washington, DC

The two day event featured lectures and panel sessions on the current technical state-of-art, research frontiers, air capture cost assessment, near-term market niches, and regulatory issues. The event also featured technical break-out groups, an update on the Virgin Earth Challenge, and a technical poster session. After the conference wrap-up, Carbon Engineering hosted an “Open House” for all interested summit participants, to cover recent technical developments at CE, to open the books on cost assessments of our conservative baseline air capture system.

The overwhelming perspective of participants, and shared by all of us at CE, is that DACS was an enjoyable and successful event. We were all excited by the productive dialogue that occurred on key issues, by the exciting ideas and perspectives shared, and by the prospects for our nascent air capture community.

From all of us at CE, thank you to those who attended DACS and made it a great event. -GH

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