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August 10, 2017

Carbon Engineering recruits top clean-energy CTO

Carbon Engineering recruits top clean-energy CTO

Carbon Engineering has recently hired David St. Angelo as Chief Technology Officer. David began his career with degrees in Chemical and Electrical Engineering, and proceeded to hold technical roles at Valence Technology Inc, Skyonic, and Joule Unlimited. At Skyonic, David led the development of patented technology for the capture of CO2 and conversion into mineral products. Subsequently, with Joule Unlimited, David led the team responsible for process design and engineering of Joule’s patented algal biofuel technology. At both firms, David was intimately involved with hardware demonstration and engineering of commercial facilities.

At CE, David will lead the technology development strategy for both CE’s Direct Air Capture and AIR TO FUELS technologies. David’s proven track record in CO2 capture and conversion at Skyonic, and in fuel production at Joule, are a valuable asset for our growing team that is now commercializing technology to capture CO2 directly from atmospheric air and convert it into clean, renewable transportation fuels.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Carbon Engineering. This is a tight-knit team with an impressive culture, and they’re working on one of the most pressing challenges of our era, how to enable clean transportation in the 21st century. It’s impressive how far CE has come already, and I’m glad to be able to join the team and help them push into market.” -David St. Angelo.

“Let me extend a warm welcome to David St. Angelo, his skill will be well-used at CE, and we’re happy to have him take the reins of our growing engineering and R&D teams. We’re getting ready to tackle progressively larger AIR TO FUELS projects as we look to enter commercial markets in the coming years, and David’s expertise adds a lot to our ability to deliver on these projects and also continue to innovate and advance our core technologies.” -Adrian Corless.

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