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DAC project awarded funding under Government plans to make UK world leader in GGRs
May 24, 2021

£249,000 funding awarded to Storegga’s Dreamcatcher Project under the BEIS programme – Direct Air Capture and Greenhouse Gas Removal Technology Innovation Programme Award In partnership with Carbon Engineering this project … read all

Call for Innovators
March 30, 2021

With our partner, Shopify, we are calling on companies working on carbon dioxide storage methods to collaborate with us on atmospheric carbon dioxide removal. At Carbon Engineering, we’ve been working … read all

Carbon Engineering launches new carbon dioxide removal service, with Shopify as its first customer
March 9, 2021

The service allows customers to reserve capacity from a Carbon Engineering Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility – providing the permanent removal of carbon emissions on their behalf Shopify is the … read all

Carbon Removal Insight Report: Policy, Investment and Private Sector Perspectives
March 8, 2021

Despite the tremendous challenges the global community faced in 2020, there has been an unexpected bright spot in the remarkable groundswell of attention towards climate change. Awareness of the urgency … read all

Carbon Engineering Innovation Centre Update
February 18, 2021

Construction of Carbon Engineering’s Innovation Centre has progressed swiftly throughout the winter. This centre will be Carbon Engineering’s permanent headquarters and advanced development facility where the team will optimize and … read all

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