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January 19, 2015

Carbon Engineering breaks ground on pilot facility

Carbon Engineering breaks ground on pilot facility

The CE team is excited to have broken ground on our new pilot demonstration project this week in Squamish, BC. For the past year, we’ve been working diligently on financing and engineering our most ambitious hardware demonstration project yet. We are now entering the construction phase of our full end-to-end demonstration plant.

This demo plant (aka pilot plant) will come online later this year, and will scrub CO2 directly from the atmosphere into our liquid capture solution. It will then process this solution over a series of steps to produce purified CO2, and at the same time, re-make the original capture chemical. Our plant will produce a concentrated stream of CO2 and water vapour, which we will then vent. We’re calling this a “catch and release” project, which will prove that we can do all the difficult technical steps of capturing CO2 out of the air.

From the data we gain while running this plant, we’ll then be able to reliably design a larger “first of a kind” commercial plant, which will actually use the captured CO2 to produce low-carbon fuels. Key to the success of this demonstration plant, we have designed the hardware in conjunction with the key industrial partners who will supply full commercial-scale equipment for each of the main sub-systems within our technology. Together, we’ll take data from this demonstration plant, and use it to trouble-shoot and optimize the equipment before we move on to a full commercial plant.

Breaking ground at our Squamish site represents a major achievement in this project, signifying that we have completed the engineering and design of our plant, and are now ready to have major equipment arrive at site for installation over the next few months.

We’re excited to move into the next phase of this project with the full support of our industrial partners, the funding agencies who have contributed to this effort, and the help of the Squamish community.


An image of Carbon Engineering's Direct Air Capture technology being built with a mountain in the background.

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