Producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel From Air: Sky’s the Limit Update

October, 2021

Carbon Engineering is proud to be a finalist in Natural Resources Canada’s Sky’s the Limit Challenge to produce sustainable aviation fuel. Through the challenge, our team produced sustainable aviation fuel from carbon dioxide captured from the air using our Direct Air Capture technology. Watch for an explanation of our technology, how we produce fuel, and the global interest we’re seeing from the aviation industry.   

Carbon Engineering: Direct Air Capture of CO2 from the Atmosphere

September, 2021

For more than a decade, Carbon Engineering has been leading research and development in Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology that removes carbon dioxide from air. Now we’re working with forward-thinking partners worldwide to globally deploy our proven DAC technology and help ignite the industry. Watch to learn more about Carbon Engineering’s technology, our global commercialization progress and how we’re endeavoring to make a material impact in the fight against climate change.

Carbon Engineering: Permanent Carbon Dioxide Removal Service

August 2021

Carbon Engineering’s permanent carbon removal service helps companies, countries and individuals meet critical net zero targets through the permanent removal of carbon emissions from the air. Customers of the service pre-purchase capacity from a large-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) and storage facility that will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on their behalf. Watch to learn how the service works, and how it can help you meet your net zero goals.

RE:TV | Recapturing Carbon

February 2021

Carbon Engineering was honoured to be featured in this video by RE:TV on the importance of capturing carbon from the atmosphere. Curated by His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales, and part of The Sustainable Markets Initiative, RE:TV showcases inspiring stories of innovation and ingenuity that will help create a sustainable future.

Steve Oldham Speaks at the Goldman Sachs 2020 Carbonomics Conference

November 2020

Carbon Engineering CEO Steve Oldham speaks with Edward Emerson, Head of Global Commodities Trading, as part of the Goldman Sachs 2020 Carbonomics Conference. Listen to Steve explain how Direct Air Capture fits into addressing the climate challenge, how our unique process works, and the potential for industrial scalability of this groundbreaking technology.

Producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel From Air: Sky’s the Limit Update

Carbon Engineering is proud to be a finalist in Natural Resources Canada’s Sky’s the Limit Challenge. We are using our AIR TO FUELSTM technology to create ultra-low carbon sustainable aviation fuel. Watch for an update on our progress at our pilot facility in Squamish, British Columbia, as well as what’s next.

What’s Your Plan for Net Zero? The climate crisis and Direct Air Capture: Steve Oldham at EarthX2020

April 2020

The public discourse is shifting. More and more corporate leaders and governments are committing to reduced, net zero, or even net negative emissions within the next decade. But when we talk about reaching net zero, we don’t yet have feasible solutions to get all the way there – until now. Watch CE’s CEO, Steve Oldham’s virtual keynote from EarthX 2020, and learn how Direct Air Capture technology is a feasible, available and affordable solution for removing carbon dioxide from the air at scale, and why it should be a key ingredient in any net zero plan.

How to pull the plug on climate change: Steve Oldham at TEDxPortland

April 2019

“Today, it’s our air that needs treatment. We need an air treatment infrastructure the same way we have water treatment infrastructure.”

Learn about how an air treatment infrastructure that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere can help the world mitigate climate change in this TEDx talk by our CEO, Steve Oldham.

Carbon Engineering’s Direct Air Capture technology that removes carbon dioxide from air

April 2019

Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. When combined with emission control, carbon removal provides hope that we can meaningfully address the long-term impacts of climate change. At Carbon Engineering, we have developed an industrially scalable carbon removal technology, called Direct Air Capture (DAC). This video provides a deep dive into our DAC technology, our company, and our plans for the future.

Carbon Engineering’s CEO, Steve Oldham, testifies to the US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works

February 2019

On February 27, 2019, Carbon Engineering’s CEO, Steve Oldham, was invited to testify in front of the US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works. His testimony was in support of the USE IT Act and more government support for carbon capture technologies like our Direct Air Capture solution that removes carbon dioxide directly from the air. This is a clip from his testimony.

VICE News coverage of Carbon Engineering

September 2018

Carbon Engineering’s CEO, Steve Oldham, welcomed VICE founder Shane Smith, and his VICE News crew, to our pilot plant in Squamish, B.C. to discuss our technology and the future of fuel.

Steve Oldham, CEO, speaking at Movin’On Conference

May 2018

Carbon Engineering’s CEO, Steve Oldham, was invited to speak at Movin’On Conference, a World Summit on Sustainable Mobility, on May 31, 2018. Video credit: Movin’On by Michelin

Carbon Engineering pilot plant

May 2018

This drone footage features Carbon Engineering’s working pilot plant in Squamish, B.C., where CE has been removing CO2 from the atmosphere since 2015 and converting it into fuels since December, 2017.

Carbon Engineering Backgrounder

October 2017

This video explains CE’s Direct Air Capture and AIR TO FUELSTM technologies. The AIR TO FUELSTM process allows production of liquid transport fuels (like gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel) from CO2 captured from air, water, and clean electricity. CE is now scaling up and commercializing this technology to provide clean renewable fuels into leading markets.

Globe & Mail Carbon Engineering Coverage

January 2016

The Globe & Mail covered CE’s Direct Air Capture pilot plant inauguration in October 2015, and produced this video, highlighting CE’s progress to date a few months later. This video is now out of date on several technology aspects, but provides a useful snapshot into CE’s development and trajectory.

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