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Carbon Engineering is working with a global network of partners to deploy large-scale Direct Air Capture facilities around the world. These projects deliver a variety of feasible, affordable and scalable solutions that can help businesses meet critical climate targets.

We are looking to grow our network of deployment partners and invite those with industry expertise and an aligned mission to reach out and learn more.

If you’re a business, government or institution working towards net zero, read on to learn about the climate solutions our plants offer to support your net zero plans.


Permanent Carbon Removal

CE's technology can safely, permanently, and measurably remove carbon emissions from the air.

CE’s Direct Air Capture technology is purpose-built to remove vast amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. This form of permanent carbon removal is a powerful tool to include in net zero and sustainability plans because it can be used to address any CO2 emission, from any location, and any point in time at a fixed cost.

For sources of emissions that are too difficult to eliminate today, DAC with storage plants can help you achieve your net zero goals by removing an equivalent amount of CO2 from the atmosphere on your behalf. Importantly, we measure the exact amount of CO2 that is captured and permanently stored, so you can precisely and unambiguously account for your organization’s carbon removal activities.

Learn more about carbon dioxide removal here. 


Low Carbon Intensity Fuels

Power your existing fleet with low carbon intensity synthetic fuel – made from air, water, and renewable energy.

If your organization is looking for sustainable ways to power your existing airplane, truck, shipping, or car fleet, CE’s technology can deliver synthetic liquid fuels that work in your existing vehicles and are almost completely carbon neutral. The synthetic crude produced from AIR TO FUELSTM plants can be refined into diesel, gasoline and Jet-A, and because it has an unlimited feedstock – atmospheric CO2 – these facilities can deliver industrial quantities of clean fuels to meet your organization’s needs.

If you are a refiner, fuel distributer, fuel wholesaler, or large volume fuel purchaser (such as an airline or shipping company), our Business Development team can help you incorporate low-carbon fuel supply agreements into your long-term net zero plans.


Low Carbon Intensity Products

Reduce the carbon footprint of your products, materials, and industrial processes with CO2 from the air.

Direct Air Capture plants deliver pipeline purity compressed CO2 that has been captured from the atmosphere. If you utilize CO2 in your industrial operations or product manufacturing, switching to atmospheric CO2 is a cost-effective way to reduce emissions and operate more sustainably.

In addition to producing synthetic fuels, atmospheric CO2 can be used to produce more sustainable materials (such as steel, concrete, fillers, and coatings), in the production of chemicals (such as plastics, industrial chemicals, fertilizers, and carbonates), or to create products such as carbon fiber. These are some of the most difficult industries to decarbonize given the high heat industrial processes they require. Incorporating the use of atmospheric CO2 provides a long-term solution for reducing emissions from these processes, and is a valuable tool for working towards net zero goals.

What will it take to achieve net zero?
Watch VP and Head of Business Development Lori Guetre
What will it take to achieve net zero?Watch VP and Head of Business Development Lori Guetre

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